Concert I: Muziek als theatre: Composers who have a strong affinity with music theatre were invited to write new works for the cycle. They will extend the world of the traditional music instruments by means of the use of blackboards, pipes, water, paper, umbrellas, etc, creating a multifaceted instrumental universe. 
Programme: new works by Martijn Voorvelt (NL), Abel Paul (SP/NL), Florencia Sgandurra (AR), Gabriel Cerini (AR/ES), Cecilia Arditto (AR/NL), Duo II by Bart de Vrees (NL). Percussion: Bart de Vrees; flute, to be confirmed. Curator: Petra van der Schoot.  More...

Concert II: Muziek als licht: The theater stage is turned into a living-room which has a piano, a mirror, a tv, casette players and different sort of lamps. Lights coming from different sources, speaking the ON-OFF languague are in dialogue with the real music instruments. A short animation movie by Jorge Lumbreras is projected three times in this room under different soundtracks. Ana Maria Rodriguez will present a sound installation with a collection of old bulbs together with visual artist Michael Vorfeld. 
Programme: new works by Martijn Voorvelt (NL), Florencia Sgandurra (AR), Lola Linares (AR), Joke Kegel (NL), Ana María Rodriguez (AR/DE) Cecilia Arditto (AR/NL). Animation movie by Jorge Lumbreras (AR). Sound and light installation by Ana Maria Rodriguez . Piano: Nora Mulder (NL), Violeta Nigro (ARG)  More...

Concert III: Muziek als vinyl, tapes and songs: In this concert we will introduce new pieces for voice, tape… and other analog sources of music. Composers/songwriters will write new pieces for voice plus record players, cassette devices, microphones, ventilators and stands. 
Florencia Sgandurra and Luciana Arditto will create a sound installation using tapes in different ways: tapes to be heard but also  tapes to be touch, to be seen... 
Programme: new works by: Martijn Voorvelt (NL), Florencia Sgandurra (AR), Lola Linares (AR), Arnold Marinissen (NL), Piet Jan van Rossum (NL), Anat Spiegel (ISR-NL), Ana María Rodriguez (AR/DE), Sofia Escardo (AR), Joke Kegel (NL), Abel Paul (SP/DE), Cecilia Arditto (AR/NL). Sound installation by Wobbe van der Meulen; tape installation by Luciana Arditto (AR). Voice: Anat Spiegel (ISR/NL);  More...MAtheater.htmlMAlicht.htmlMAlicht.htmlMAtapes.htmlMAtheater.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3