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1. Zand/Sand (2004) – for magic lantern equipped with mini-aquarium and flute. Three white triangles get covered with sand like a sand clock. Sand to see and sand to listen. Visuals by Ida Lohman.
2. Snaar (String), for string telephone, slide-projectors and flute. Strings tied to tins project their shadows on the walls; the white noise of the string-telephone plays in counterpoint with the flute. 
3. Tekening (Drawing), for flute, chalks and mirror. A live drawing on a mirror comes to life in synchrony with the flute, conforming a real time animation. The progressive drawing is reflected as well on walls and ceiling by angling the mirror in combination with the magic lanterns. 
4. Terug (Back), For tape, flute and homemade movie.
This piece was written using a mirror composition technique: when the music reaches the end, it comes back to the beginning, note by note (Terug). The music score, projected by a hand-crank projector reveals the music architecture; the film plays back and forth following the notes.  
5. Pentagram (Staff) for flute, big music stand and 4 slide-projectors: small fragments of written music are projected on a giant score and the space around in synchrony with the flute, conforming a live “solfège”. Four slide projectors located on different spots spreads the graphic notation under different angles making the score three-dimensional: simple means, complex result.  

There are short interludes in between the pieces, linking the sections without interruptions. 

Total duration: ca. 45 minutes. Half program or isolated pieces are also possible. 
Optional:  we offer an after-concert workshop where the audience can manipulate the objects and projectors with the help of the artists. The workshop could be also scheduled apart from the concerts in the form of a presentation. 

Some excerpts from our Buenos Aires tour 2013 with some of the above mentioned pieces can be seen here: