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Dancing Windows
Concert for magic lanterns, flute and low-tech paraphernalia
Composition: Cecilia Arditto
Flute: Adriana Montorfano

Dancing Windows is an audiovisual concert for magic lanterns, quotidian objects and flute.  Images and music are performed live and everyday life paraphernalia is performed in combination with the flute producing ¨real time movies¨.
Images are created live by a collection of magic lanterns together with simple materials as cardboards, sand, water drops and threads under the audience eyes. The “black box” of the audiovisual product is in this project totally transparent.
Music is made by vintage artifacts like fans, pickups, tins and radios that are playing in synchrony with the flute. Dancing Windows is not improvisation, nor an installation. It is music written for an expanded orchestra, which brings quotidian objects into the score. 
In addition to our presentation we offer a post-concert workshop, where audience has the opportunity to manipulate machines and share impressions with the assistance of the artists.